The Express Team

Meet the team that will look after you at Express Imaging...


Ang came from a background retail management and training.  She joined Express Imaging back in 2001 and has continued to run the business ever since. She holds the title of Independent Retailer of UK 1996.  She juggles the nitty-gritty paperwork, maintaining a happy work environment and being a meticulous presence on the shop floor.  She continues to learn photography skills at ffotogallery to enhance her knowledge and enjoyment.  She works hard to encourage the team and laugh at Guy’s jokes (sometimes)!


Dave has been with Express from the start, he has helped define what we have become today. Armed with an almost photographic memory of camera related details Dave will find out what you want and the best way to get it, just don’t expect him to remember your name.


Zoe has been with us for over 4 years and is extremely capable at completing any task we throw at her to the utmost standard, though she might do it with a bit of a song and dance, not that we’re complaining. She also found time to excel through ffotogallery’s beginners, intermediate and advanced photography courses!


Guy has been working for Express since late 2011. Known professionally for being pretty handy with Photoshop, whether its a photo restorations or design work and known personally for some pretty bad jokes and plenty of them!


Loz is the newest member of our team, she’s learning fast, working hard and has rapidly become a valuable member of the team and what she lacks in experience she makes up for with perseverance, but if I were you, I’d avoid the topic of favourite Doctor from Doctor Who.