We specialise in taking passport photographs that are guaranteed to be accepted. • It’s a drop in service, so pop along at your convenience. • It normally takes just 5-10 minutes from you coming in, to you leaving with your photographs. • A British passport photograph will cost £8.99 (different specifications may vary in price) and you’ll get a set of 6 identical photos all cut precisely to the correct size. • We can do any passport or ID specification (US visa, Indian visa etc) for any age, from baby to adult. • Please avoid wearing white or very light coloured clothing as it can cause issues with the acceptance of the photograph. Any questions please email at or call our store on 02920 464748 and we’ll be happy to help.

British style passport photo

American style passport photo

Passport photos done correctly

Passport Photo Codes & Digital Copies

We can provide Photo Codes for UK Passport renewals instead of prints at no extra cost or if you'd like both its just £1 extra. We also do digital copies for any passport specification.

No need to book

We operate a drop-in service for all passport photographs at any time during our opening hours, although we do advise checking our availability as we often take studio portrait bookings which can take up to an hour.

Children and Baby Passport Photos

We take professional photographs of children and babies at no extra cost, taken correctly in our photo studio.

High quality

Our photographs are taken and printed out using the highest quality equipment, and are checked thouroughly against the specifications of your paperwork. Guaranteed!


We also take made-to-measure photographs, if you should need anything that is not satisfied by the British specifications, including visa photographs for the USA, Canada, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Phillipines and many others.

Digital copies on CD

For online applications and consistently high quality printing time and time again, you can have your photographs on CD for £2.99 extra.

Typical specification we would need for creating a passport photo.