Our main printer is an AGFA d.lab 2 which is a traditional silver halide printer, sometimes you just can’t beat the traditional ways of doing things, built to last (as long as we give it some care and attention every so often!). Your images get exposed onto light sensitive paper using a laser which renders at 400ppi. We offer a choice of Gloss or Lustre using Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme paper. This is the printer we use up to 12×18″

For larger prints we use a 44″ Canon Pro-4000 which is a top of the line inkjet printer for photos or artwork. It uses 12 inks to give a wide and vibrant colour to your prints. We stock a selection of papers so please feel free to enquire but our default is a Canon Satin 260gsm photo paper.

Film Processing

For all our colour film processing we use an AGFA FP100 which has been brilliant since the day we brought it. It’s the reason we’re able to offer same day colour film development.

For black and white film we stick to the old school Patterson tank and hand process everything. This is why black and white takes a little longer than colour films but it’s the attention your film deserves.

Film Scanning

The bulk of our film scanning is done by our AGFA d.lab 2 which can scan 35mm, 120, APS and 110 formats up to 2000×3000 pixels.

For anything our d.lab 2 can’t scan, our Epson V850 can. Whether its a 4×5″ negative or maybe a panoramic 35mm Sprocket Rocket, the large flatbed scanner gives us tons of flexibility and doesn’t sacrifice quality.